The crave-o-meter hits it’s high.

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I would be lying if I said I was not jealous…

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Beautiful architectural heels at Givenchy.

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Sorry to repeat myself - but Givenchy is worth repeating right now. Don’t you agree?

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As everybody else I’m totally blown away by the haute couture from Tisci at Givenchy.

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I’m not too surprised, the killer cool boots from Givenchy is now appearing in fashion editorials. Got to love them.

Shoes: Givenchy
Photographer: Hilary Walsh
Stylist: Samantha Traina
Hair and makeup stylist: Maranda and Christy Coleman
Model: Erin Wasson 
Editorial: C Magazine, Summer issue 2012

via Fashion Gone Rogue

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Who is the maker of the Givenchy shoes and boots? I want to marry him (or her).

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Vittorias Biker Heels.

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Cover up boots @ Givenchy.

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Just look at the boots! Pure love.

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It’s a jungle out there.

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