Happy New Year!

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"All I want for Christmas is you"

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Color is the way to go!

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Friday craving!

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If you don’t get cravings by this you probably have them on your shoe shelf.

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I want to be a superhero.

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Summer, summer, summer!

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Something is obviously missing on my shoeshelf.

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Joco Comendador’s 8 inches high heels featured at Enrico Carado’s runway.

My shoes should have a tagline, ‘Wear at your own risk’”

See more amazing creations by Joco Comendador at Facebook or check his Tumblr.

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via R-A-W Shoes

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Edgy lady.

Shoes: Inner Sanctum
Photographer: Alex Kahan
Stylist: Josepha Rodriguez
Beauty artist: Carolin Jarchow
Modell: Beata
Editorial: Modern Scepticism, QVEST, #50 2012

via Fashion Gone Rogue

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But just look at those peep-toe boots!

Shoes: Paul Gil
Photographer: Antia Pagant 
Stylist:  Patrycja JuraszczykModell: Magdalena F
Editorial: The Woman in White , Fashion Gone Rogue, May 2012

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