Wooden heights.

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Geodesic from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

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Summerfeelings from D&G:s last collection.

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Missonis iconic multicolored crochet-knit. On shoes.

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Lace and python?

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Less isn’t always more.

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Friday craving.

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Reach for the sun in Mulberry’s wedge.

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Love the multi straps and “invisible” wedge. 

Shoes: Donna Karan

Photographer: Zoltan Tombor

Stylist: Caroline Baker

Modell: Nicole Trunfio

Editorial: Spring Star, You Inspire, March 2012

via FashionGoneRogue

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Sometimes I crave the simplest things.

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Todays craving!

From Casadei.

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If anyone believed (or hoped) that the wedge was to disappear from the shoes scene. The fall collections tells another story.

At Sportmax it was nothing but wedges.

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The theme @ Nicole Fahri: A sophisticated touch of precious metals.

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